One, Two, Three 7/8 – Wednesday 11 october 2017

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One, Two, Three 7/8 – Wednesday 11 october 2017

Presented by Paul Ian Armitage.
With chroniclers :
– Iain Mc Inally, Director of operation European Tour Property
– Helen Le Port, English Languages trainer and coach
– Barbara Achab, Sustainable tourism student at the UVSQ

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  1. Charles Denton 8 novembre 2017 à 10h49

    Hello Paul Ian
    What a great idea this first monthly talk show. To be re-broadcasted ? When ?
    Looking forward to see what topics will be discussed and which guests invited.

    Suggestion : the initial project of extending the Maisons-Lafitte based English/French newspaper “The Snippet” ( to be distributed to St-Quentin en Y & Rambouillet area. How is it going on ?

    Would be interested to participate in the making of this program.


    Charles Denton Duluat
    (lately Cultural Mediator & Controller for Chateau de Versailles Spectacles & gardens ; formerly General Manager of Hunters Quay Hotel in Dunoon. Open to any business opportunity in tourism / hospitality & culture)

  2. Louradour 19 novembre 2017 à 9h31

    Good morning,
    What is the frequency of the broadcast ?

  3. Alain HEGELEN 7 décembre 2017 à 12h42

    28’ that’s interesting what Helen says about the fundamental differences between English and French:
    “French is a syllabic language and English is a stressed language, where you glide over certain syllables …”
    And there’s a word I didn’t understand:
    ”most people say I have a terrible accent. No, you have terrible inter…….”
    If somebody knows.

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